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*campagne de socio-financement Indiegogo:

*Indiegogo campaign:

Remerciements aux donateurs de notre campagne de sociofinancement Indiegogo. Votre aide fait toute la différence! Ci-dessous, une liste non-exhaustive des donateurs qui ont appuyé cette campagne:

Our thanks to those who have donated towards our Indiegogo campaign. Your help makes all the difference! Below, a few of the donors who supported this campaign:

Harriet Berg, an incredible dance historian and director of the Madame Cadillac Dance Theatre of Detroit,

James Bailey, a creative multi-instrumentalist involved in improvisation, NAISA and many other musical organisations and projects,

E&R Banoun, a formidable couple of relatives in a community of polyglots,

art.cronic, a French pioneer of video performance, sociological videos, 3D stereoscopic videos and all forms of media arts,

Ghazala Malik, an experienced broadcast producer and artist trained in London, England,

Massimo Paolini, an online whiz at digital marketing and data science, an entrepreneur and gourmet based in California