The collectif bus123, a multigenerational, multi-lingual and multimedia artist collective, was formed in Montreal in 1991 to create the multidisciplinary piece

BUS 123. The piece was presented a year later as part of the fringe Festival of Independant Dance Artists (fFIDA) in Toronto (Canada).

Twenty years later, many of the original performers joined forces once again to delve back into the original ideas and create a new piece working from new collaborative improvisations, adressing the incredible technological and societal changes due to the Internet.

The result of that research was Babelle et Barbarie (B+B), a full multimedia theatrical piece presented at the Winchester St. Theatre in Toronto in the fall of 2015.

The collective is now working on the third phase of this project. We plan to break up the full theatrical piece into a series of interactive interior and exterior site-specific performances that engage and include the community. The series, in development, will draw from theatre and multimedia to examine the relationship between language, culture and communication. It’s titled Babellodrome, a mad race towards a world emptied of meaning.

The members of the collective, now based in Toronto and Montreal, form an eclectic group of artists with professional careers in their respective fields of  theatre, video, music, dance and song. They have also pursued their own multidisciplinary artistic research. The look of Babelle et Barbarie (B+B) and Babellodrome is the reflection of their collaboration within the collective.

*Indiegogo campaign:

This campaign is now over. Your donation will help us to achieve our goals of putting on this production next June and July, and the money raised will be used for rehearsals and testing how to best integrate audience participation and interactivity into the show. Our sincere thanks to all the contributors!

To view the Indiegogo campaign video for Babellodrome, click here

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