Babelle et Barbarie calls on a small creative team which includes artists working with video, dance, music, theatre and singing. There’s no hierarchical relationship between the members of the collectif bus123 . All contribute to the project from their respective fields, but they can also intervene in neighbouring fields.

Creators on stage:

Kevin Kelly - musician and performer

Gerard Leckey - composer, musician and performer

Marie-Claire Marcotte - actress and singer

Dominica Merola - composer, singer, pianist and performer

Adriana Monti - videographer and performer

Creators on video:

Gerard Leckey - performer

Marc Lemyre - performer

Dominica Merola - performer

Angela Salena - performer

Creators - support team:

Duncan Appleton - rehearsal technical director, Glendon College Theatre

Dominique Banoun - instigator, artistic director, co-creator ooblek devices

Aaron Bernstein - lighting designer and Isadora video co-programmer

Natalie Gisèle - stage manager

Marc leMyre - dramaturgy consultant and photographer

Matt Miller - co-creator ooblek devices

Micheline Parent - graphic designer, art director for video post-production,


team Babelle et Barbarie

Photos by Marc leMyre and moveprod

and Isadora video co-programmer

and editor of fictional video ads (integrated in the piece)

and editor of video fictions (integrated in the piece)