Babelle et Barbarie

fictional conference

2014 ©collectifbus123 ©moveprod inc. Rehearsal of the scene of a fictional conference.


video documentation  Babelle et Barbarie

Below are video excerpts of rehearsals of selected scenes from the multidisciplinary and multilingual creation Babelle et Barbarie by collectif bus123.

The first shows were presented at the Winchester St. theatre in Toronto from September 2-5, 2015. Team members are listed in the credits at the beginning of the videos.

Babelle et Barbarie


2014 ©collectifbus123 ©moveprod inc. Rehearsal excerpts of scenes from the piece.

Babelle et Barbarie

morse code

2014 ©collectifbus123 ©moveprod inc. Rehearsal of the morse code scene.